What does Jonathan Speak about?

The Keynote


Effective Leadership

What do the best leaders do differently than others? How do they get their team to work just as hard as they do? In this keynote, Jonathan delivers an engaging presentation on what makes great leaders great.


Effective Communication

We all know what happens when there’s a breakdown in communication. And it doesn’t look pretty.

That’s why Jonathan delivers a powerful presentation on communication skills in the workforce (and life). 


He sprinkles in some heart-felt stories that will capture the attention of any audience and make them leave the room ready to implement several ideas. 



Team Building

People are everything. Your team is everything.

Jonathan’s presentation on team-building is very interactive. Everything is designed to create a comradery amongst your team while having fun at the same time.

If there’s one presentation you want to bring Jonathan in for, it’s this one.

Your team will leave the event feeling more like a family that can take on the world.   


The Keynote

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